About Us

What We Do

Established in 2006, GreenPath Energy Solutions is a leading supplier of energy efficient building solutions to business, industry, and government. We help commercial building owners and managers use energy more intelligently and pay less for it through our collaborative suite of technology-enabled energy management solutions and comprehensive energy auditing services. Most importantly, our technology platform is sophisticated yet easy-to-use by technical and non-technical staff enabling decision makers to have an effective way to keep tabs on energy use expense within their facility. GreenPath will design an energy management plan to reduce non-essential energy use, focusing first on low or no cost opportunities to deliver tangible results quickly.

Our Customers Call Us When:

  • Their solution to track energy use issues accurately is unclear.
  • They need an enhance ability to detect anomalies in the operation of building systems.
  • They are under pressure to quickly baseline their facility and find real energy savings opportunities.
  • They seek a seamless extension to their staff with deep expertise in energy efficiency.

GreenPath products and services are client focused and we emphasize creativity, leadership and integrity. And, we make sure our core values—encouragement of collaboration, fostering of entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to business excellence—are a part of everything we do.

What Makes Us Unique

We help our customers improve decision-making in relation to energy consumption and typically target sustained energy savings of 10-30% over time. We offer a proven low-cost, low-risk web-based platform to identify, measure and maintain energy saving in commercial buildings. We provide outstanding customer service that results in expert product delivery.

Who We Work With

GreenPath has partnered with NorthWrite, Inc. to meet our demand-side technology objective to deliver innovative energy saving technology via our collaborative web-based software platform called EnergyTrak™. EnergyTrak™ award‐winning products are installed nationwide for demand side management, energy conservation and load profiling, tenant billing, benchmarking and energy modeling across the spectrum of commercial, industrial, institutional, and governmental facilities.

Typical users of EnergyTrak include:

  • Commercial and Industrial Facility Managers
  • Multi-Location Owners
  • Energy Decision Makers
  • Energy/Facility Service Providers
  • City, State, and Federal Governments
  • Utilities


Our goal is to help facility managers and building owners control their operational, energy, and facility costs by providing unparalleled easy to use energy software applications coupled with energy resource technical support. Our objectives are:

  • To make energy management as integral as accounting to the operation of every organization.
  • To reduce energy cost while maintaining or improving productivity.
  • To be a seamless extension of your staff with deep expertise in energy efficiency.


Our dedicated staff is knowledgeable, experienced, and flexible to respond quickly to your needs. We understand major industry energy issues, and develop individual recommendations based on your environment.

Customer Testimonies

“Energy Expert is providing a clean picture of the impact of our scoping energy audit and HVAC and control system tune-ups. We are very encouraged by the savings we are beginning to see around the state. Our current estimates of program savings on the tune-ups are over $3 million. That’s right on track with our project goals.”

Sue Seifert, Idaho Office of Energy Resources

Commercial/ Institutions Program Manager

“With its daily scorecard and of energy results, Energy Expert motivates me to improve my operations. It also informs me quickly when things go awry as happened recently with an HVAC controls upgrade.”

Rich Stelle, Maintenance Manager

The Health Center, Kalispell, Montana

“I thought they would have a hard time finding anything in the building. They pointed out half a dozen or more individual items that we could still address. I was impressed with that. Energy Expert gets down to the pennies of opportunities rather than just the low hanging fruit.”

Pete Brennon, Vice President for HVAC

Refrigeration and Energy Services at Crosby Brownlie, Inc.

“Energy Expert allows for vigilant watch of energy use across our building portfolio. Chief Engineers count on daily ScoreCards to tell them when energy consumption is not typical and the reporting capabilities let us know the effectiveness of our energy savings measures.”

Bill Young, Manager of Engineering Services

Property Management and Construction

How Our Customers Benefit

With an annual subscription to EnergyTrak™ software tools and our expert energy engineering team, our customers achieve the following:

  • Ability to respond quickly and effectively to system anomalies or areas of operational improvements.
  • Direct and immediate access to award winning energy information management products.
  • Improved strategic decision-making on energy and sustainability.
  • Increased understanding and profile your facility energy use consumption.
  • Accelerated cost savings on energy efficiency retrofit projects.
  • Simplification of Energy Benchmarking and energy disclosure laws.

To discuss how we can help your organization meet its energy efficiency goals, please contact us now.