Energy Expert + Plus

Energy Expert+Plus is a managed energy information service which builds upon the foundation of Energy Expert and takes the next logical steps identifying potential areas of energy savings for your building. This one simple step helps you achieve a whole new level of energy savings.


By actively deploying Energy Expert+Plus, you can expect to see savings of 5-10% or more by implementing the energy savings measures that we suggest. For a one-time service fee we provide:

  • A summary analysis report that identifies a variety of energy savings opportunities in your facility.
  • Direct access to a technical analyst who will walk you thru the results and recommendations.
  • An estimate of the energy savings potential, in easy to understand English.
  • A followup technical meeting six months down the road to review progress and discuss results.

Analysts use the following information resources to generate potential energy savings opportunities:

  • Historical interval data (3 months+)
  • Historical utility bills (prior 2 years)
  • Energy Expert advanced measurement modeling and tracking system
  • Hourly weather data
  • Simple site overview form

Features and Benefits:

  • Professionally created executive level report with a summary of energy saving opportunities, prepared by an accredited professional energy engineer. Helps you communicate the action plan to your organizations decision makers.
  • Solution includes the award-winning Energy Expert software system for measurement and verification and energy consumption anomaly detection.
  • Results-oriented approach is focused from the start on helping you get the most benefit possible from deploying Energy Expert+Plus in your facility.