Energy Expert Modeling Techniques

O&M-based energy savings initiatives are gaining more momentum in the marketplace in large part because of the relative ease in implementing them and the commensurately lower cost. Many authors have extolled the virtues of techniques such as tune-ups, retro-commissioning, etc.

LBNL Energy Information Management System Survey

Energy information systems comprise software, data acquisition hardware, and communication systems that are intended to provide energy information to building energy and facilities managers, financial managers, and utilities. This technology has been commercially available for over a decade, however recent advances in Internet and other information technology, and analytical features have expanded the number of product options that are available.

Wireless Sensor Applications

The emerging technology of wireless sensing shows promise for changing the way sensors are used in buildings. Lower cost, easier to install, sensing devices that require no connections by wires will potentially usher in an age in which ubiquitous sensors will provide the data required to cost-effectively operate, manage, and maintain commercial buildings at peak performance.

8 Energy Saving Secrets You Never Hear About

Reduce costs and raise profitability. In this paper, learn about 8 energy saving secrets that you have probably never heard before.